5 Reasons Why Boat Lifts Are Essential for Every Boater

Storing your boat on a lift protects it from blisters, rust and other damage caused by prolonged contact with the water. A boat lift can help extend the life of your vessel and save you on expensive repairs at resale time.

When selecting a lift size, consider your boat’s make, model and dry weight, including fuel, additional gear, and covers. Choosing a larger lift size provides expansion options in the future.

Increased Safety

Having your boat lifted from the water makes it much harder for thieves to target it. In addition, your boat will be protected from unnecessary damage from the sun, rain and algae when it is in storage.

Corrosion and moss can form on the exterior of your boat when it is docked in the water, which can lead to expensive repairs or even losing the vessel altogether. A boat lift keeps your vessel above the waterline and eliminates the need to scrub away icky algae.

Additionally, a floating lift provides more stability for boarding, which is helpful when you have guests aboard. This minimizes maintenance and allows you to spend more time enjoying the water. Ultimately, boat lifts save you money in the long run.

Increased Value of Your Home

Boat lifts South Florida allows you to float your watercraft above the dock and prevent layers of moist scum from building up on the vessel’s exterior. This can help preserve your investment and extend its lifespan.

A clean bottom is more than just a matter of aesthetics; it can also improve performance on the water, save fuel and extend the life of your paint job. Having a clean and ready-to-use boat eliminates the need for anti-fouling coatings and reduces time spent on cleaning, saving money and allowing you to enjoy your boat more with friends and family.

A boat lift can increase the resale value of your home by as much as 10%-20%. This is because it eliminates damage from weather changes and seasonal fluctuations, extending the lifespan of your boat.


Boating is a lot of fun but requires a lot of maintenance. A boat in the water year-round is subject to marine growth, scum build-up and algae, which can wear down the paint and cause corrosion.

When your boat is on a lift, these issues are eliminated. Keeping your watercraft clean is much easier, preventing rust and extending its life.

In addition, a boat lift saves you the hassle of trailering your boat or fighting for space in line at the public launch. You can even create a walk-around deck on the cradles and add walk boards and stern platforms to make getting in and out of your boat easy. Just follow the recommended weight capacity for your lift to avoid damage or breakage.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

A boat lift significantly reduces the amount of maintenance that your boat requires. It can be difficult to constantly clean a ship in the water, especially when it becomes covered in scum and algae build-up. This build-up can also cause corrosion and leaks in the future, which could be very expensive.

Boats left in the water for long periods are also susceptible to barnacles and zebra mussels, which can require extensive cleaning or replacement parts. A boat lift will prevent all of these issues and help you save money on maintenance in the future.

Finally, a boat lift can help you avoid the hassle of trailing your boat to and from the water each time you want to go for a ride. This can be extremely time-consuming and frustrating, not to mention dangerous if you’re driving on slick or wet roads.

Increased Value of Your Boat

You can store your vessel right at the water’s edge with a boat lift. This lets you skip the hassle of trailering your boat or fighting the crowd at the dock.

Storing your boat in the water leaves it susceptible to damage from waves, dirt/algae build-up, and corrosive saltwater that can eat away at your bottom and your lift over time.

A well-designed boat lift provides superior protection and extends the life of your vessel. Now many options are available to suit nearly every dock configuration, tidal range and type of boat. Calculating your vessel’s dry weight and taking accurate measurements ensures that your lift is sized correctly the first time. This will help minimize the risk of a costly mistake.


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