5 Myths About Home Staging and Open Houses Debunked

When selling your home, staging it is the most important investment you can make. While it’s thrilling to find your home in the right buyer’s eyes, the process is only so smooth if you don’t throw up obstacles to the sale. Unfortunately, myths about home staging abound.

The good news? They’re all false! Want to learn the “truth” about home staging?

Read on for these myths about open houses and home staging and how they’re actually false.

1. Staging Is Just Decorating

The misconception that is decorating and staging a home are one and the same is completely false. Home staging is not just rearranging some pillows and adding a few candles. It is a strategic plan developed to make a home look its best and generate the most interest for potential buyers.

Staging can also include editing, de-cluttering, and rearranging the furniture in the home. An open house can be an effective tool for promoting your homes for sale, but you cannot do the work of staging alone.

2. Home Staging Isn’t Necessary When the Market Is Hot

One common myth that can be debunked in relation to home staging and open houses is that home staging isn’t necessary when the market is hot. Even if the market is strong, making a home look desirable is still essential. Home stagers can emphasize a home’s best features so that it will draw viewers in and make them feel comfortable.

3. Staging Is Only for Vacant Homes

Another myth about home staging and open houses is that they are only intended for vacant homes. This is not the case, as staging is beneficial in both owner-occupied and vacant properties. Staging adds value, highlights the best features, and appeals to the widest range of buyers.

Working with a professional stager can be especially beneficial to an owner-occupied home and provides peace of mind through guidance and support throughout the process. So make sure to check out www.clearsale.com if you plan on home selling to get the assistance you need!

4. Home Staging Is a Money Grab and Real Estate Fad

Despite what some people may lead you to believe, home staging is not a money grab or a real estate fad. Home staging is an important part of the selling process. Also, it is a very effective way to showcase the home and make it look more attractive to buyers. It can also help buyers visualize the potential of a property and make the home more desirable.

5. Home Staging Costs Too Much

Despite what some people believe, home staging costs are usually a minor portion of the total cost of selling a home. Many agents offer discounts to help stage a home, such as staging discounts, materials discounts, and/or labor discounts.

If a seller works directly with a professional home stager, they should expect to pay a fee. That fee will depend on the level of work that needs to be done and the extent of the project.

Learn More About Home Staging

Home staging and open houses can be very effective components of real estate selling. However, many myths can still be heard. It is important to research the facts and take advantage of the benefits of staging and open houses.

With the right resources, you can increase the appeal of your house and find the perfect buyer for your home. Contact your real estate agent today to discuss the best plan to sell your home!

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