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5 Must-Have Furniture Pieces for a Stylish Home

Designing a home can be fun, but it’s also challenging. Trends come and go, but a smart homeowner chooses foundation furniture like Ethnicraft furniture that will stay stylish for decades.

Here are some must-have furniture pieces that will create a comfortable, cozy, and elegant look. They are versatile and work well in many different rooms.


A sofa is an essential piece of furniture for any living room. It comforts guests and helps you relax after a long day at work. It also adds a touch of style to the space.

You can choose from different styles of sofas based on your preferences and the room’s function. For example, you may want a modern sectional sofa to fit an open-plan layout or a more formal leather one for entertaining.

Another thing to consider is the fabric. Performance fabrics are a good choice for families because they can resist stains and are easy to clean. It would help if you also chose a sofa that matches your existing decor. If you need clarification on the color, ask for a fabric sample before purchasing.

Coffee Table

The living room is complete with a coffee table. This furniture staple fills a void before your sofa and creates visual balance.

Stylish coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes. Choose one with transparent legs for a modern nod to trending design features, or go for a barrel-style wood table with cinched silhouettes to complement the more organic decor.

You can also find versatile coffee tables, including shelving and drawers to tuck away magazines, blankets, and remote controls. Decorative trays are another way to corral clutter on a living room coffee table and make it look polished and put together. Stack a few books (two to three is ideal) on the tray for added height and visual appeal.

TV Console

A TV console can make your living room feel tasteful and spacious when properly arranged. For this reason, selecting a furniture piece that offers ample surface area for your TV and plenty of storage space for media equipment like DVD players, video game consoles, and remotes is important.

Consider selecting a TV stand with shelves and drawers to organize your belongings without disrupting sightlines. Shelves can also display decorative vases, jar candles, and other mementos.


Whether you’re an avid reader or want to display decorative possessions, a bookcase offers aesthetic appeal and practical storage solutions. Available in various sizes, formats, and materials, there’s an ideal white bookshelf for every space.

A quick note on the difference between a bookshelf and a cabinet: A cabinet has closed panels encasing your books or trinkets on all sides, while a bookshelf is generally open-frame and can be tall towering units or small shelves that sit at hip height.

A well-organized bookshelf is the key to a stylish living room. Consider grouping your books by size or color to create a visually appealing display. Alternatively, add a little extra flair with decorative bookends shaped like animals or famous landmarks.


Ottomans bring a sense of softness and cozy charm to any space. They come in various fabrics and textures and can look as casual or lavish as you want, depending on how you dress them up.

They can easily serve as footrests in front of a sofa or chair and work well in family rooms. Ottomans can take the form of a low upholstered bench or stool without arms, or they can be large padded boxes with hinged seats beneath them that open up for storage.

Ottomans and poufs offer an opportunity to play with color, design, and texture to make your home unique. If you’re not sure which style to go with, consider a pouf — they have less visual weight than ottomans and are easier to personalize for a laidback look.


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