5 Minimalist Tips for Decluttering Any Home

Are things getting a little cluttered at home? If yes, you don’t have to let the extra stuff weigh you.

This article gives minimalist tips that are easy to use in any home or apartment. With these tips, you won’t face an overwhelming task by organizing things that don’t belong in your space, to begin with.

Read on to find out more about the minimalist tips for decluttering.

1. Identify Your Target Areas

This means identifying which rooms, furniture pieces, closets, and other home areas need decluttering and organizing. Once placed, starting with the priority spaces and working your way through the list is helpful.

When decluttering, adhere to minimalist principles and keep that which serves a purpose in the home. Re-purpose items, donate unwanted items and consider a rotating storage system.

For things that have sentimental value, consider photographing and storing them digitally or digitizing them to be stored in a smaller space. Planning and having a specific purpose for every item is key to a successful decluttering mission.

2. Establish a System for Sorting

Create three sections: keep, donate/sell, and discard. If something doesn’t fall into one of these three categories, it should be put away and checked again at the end of your decluttering efforts. Consider what should fit into each category before filling it up.

Decide what items you need, use, and love, what can be reused elsewhere in the home, what useful items can be donated or sold, and what can be recycled or thrown away.

3. Incorporate Minimalism

Donate any items that no longer bring you joy or that you no longer wear. Recycle and donate household items you no longer need or use, such as books, DVDs, or old appliances. Organize your living and workspace to have a designated space and purpose for what you need.

If you have current unused furniture, consider selling or giving them away. Practice mindful shopping by considering whether or not an item will add true value to your home. 

4. Make Use of Storage Solutions

Hanging shelves is a great way to keep items out of sight and increase room organization. Wall hooks are perfect for jackets, bags, and other frequently used items. Stackable containers are an excellent solution for cupboards and shelves, allowing you to store items vertically rather than horizontally.

Using these storage solutions will not only help you keep it minimalistic but will also help declutter any home. Additionally, you should assign a spot for each item and commit to putting it back in its place as soon as you are done using it. 

5. Seek Professional Help

They come equipped with the knowledge, resources, and tools necessary to help you maximize space and properly store items. Additionally, teams can bring an objective view of your home and give suggestions you may not have considered.

Janitorial cleaning can be a great asset when clearing possessions no longer serving you. Working with a proficient declutterer can help you establish order in spaces that are impossible to tackle independently.

Follow These Minimalist Tips for Decluttering

Following these minimalist tips for decluttering, any home can achieve a simpler, more organized living space. Start small, ensure you know your limits and don’t over-stress. Adopting a more minimalist home lifestyle is a great way to help reduce stress and improve your well-being. 

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