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5 Home Renovation Ideas For Homeowners On A Budget

Making changes to your home can add value to the property while also ensuring that your fixtures last a little bit longer. However, the main reason why homeowners choose to do renovations to their homes is that they want a change of scenery.

A change of scenery can reinvent your living space and help you fall in love with your home all over again. Unfortunately, it isn’t cheap to make home renovations in today’s climate. There’s no need to panic. The following article will suggest a few cost-effective ways to make home renovations to you can transform your property on a budget.

Add Skylights Where Possible

You may think that installing a skylight is a big job, and you’d be right. However, if you choose to put this type of window in a part of the house that is currently unloved, such as the attic, you may find that it completely changes the space into somewhere practical.

Skylights are a great way to reintroduce light into those rooms that are difficult to reinvent. What’s more, this type of renovation will only cost you around $300 if you choose the right builder. If you then decide to turn this room into something usable, it will cost you more. Although, installing a skylight allows you to add an entirely new type of room for less than $1000.

Change Your Roof

While you are tinkering with the upper levels of your house, you may want to consider redoing your roof. Tiles may look better for most of the year. But they are susceptible to weather damage. Just one chip in a single tile could compromise the integrity of the entire roof structure, and it is unlikely that you will spend your time inspecting each tile after a storm.

Therefore, you may find it more cost-effective in the long run to replace your tiles with corrugated roofing sheets from Clear Amber Shop. Corrugated roofing is much more sustainable than other roofing alternatives, and it is less likely to leak or become damaged when the weather turns rough. As such, this investment could end up saving you money over time.

Paint The Floors

It has been a long time since carpeted floors were in fashion. Most homes now feature hardwood floors, which are much easier to keep clean. However, these floors can end up looking the same after a while. What’s more, a bare floor like this can appear cheap, so what are you to do?

There is no need to rush out and recarpet your floors. Instead, pick up a tin of paint and brush your floors to make them stand out just a little more. If you choose white paint, you get the added benefit of reflecting more light into the room. Therefore, this renovation idea gives you a new living room style and extra light all for the cost of a few tins of paint.

Table Island

Your kitchen is one part of your house that receives the least amount of love. This room serves an entirely practical function, which is why it is often neglected when it comes to home renovations. Furthermore, installing an entirely new kitchen is extremely cost-prohibitive.

Fortunately, there is a way to update your kitchen without tearing down the walls and starting again. Kitchen islands are all the rage nowadays; however, they are particularly expensive to install.

What a lot of homeowners do not realize is that you can achieve the same effect as a kitchen island with the right kind of table. Placing one of these smaller surfaces in the center of your kitchen provides you with the additional workspace that a kitchen island provides while also helping to keep the room up to date.

Accent Walls

Redecorating an entire room is a costly venture, as mentioned previously. However, there is no need to rush out and spend money on renovating an entire room when an accent wall can restyle your entire room for a fraction of the cost.

Creating an accent wall involves wallpapering a single wall in the room differently to make it a feature. You can then add photos or artwork to this part of the room so that it stands out from the rest. With everyone’s eyes drawn to your accent wall, it makes it easier to forget about the rest of the room. As such, your living space receives all the benefits of a full renovation at only one-quarter of the cost.


Renovating your home on a budget is quite simple if you know what you are doing. Fortunately, you now have a few home renovation ideas to play that won’t set you back financially.

You never know, some of these ideas may spark your creative muscles to go beyond these initial concepts, transforming your home into a place that is truly unique.


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