5 Home Maintenance Tasks to Tackle This Summer

Are you a homeowner looking to get a jump start on your winter to-do list this summer? Odds are, you’ve been hearing quite a bit about all the hacks and DIY projects that can make your home more comfortable.

While many experts recommend spending your summer preparing for the upcoming winter weather, you can still learn about some summer home maintenance tips that can help your home stay in tip-top shape all year round.

Ready to start organizing your summer to-do list? Keep reading for a few home maintenance jobs to include this summer.

1. Power-Wash Your House

Power washing is a great way to keep your house looking pristine and can help prevent damage from the elements. It removes dirt, debris, and dust from siding and other surfaces to restore their original beauty.

Preparing for power washing your house involves protecting your windows and plants from the harsh stream of water and using the appropriate detergent or cleaning solution.

2. Air Conditioner a Checkup

Getting an AC checkup helps avoid an unexpected breakdown as it can prevent issues from arising in the coming months. Major repairs can be costly and inconvenient- especially in the heat of summer.

During annual home maintenance, the technician will inspect the unit, check refrigerant levels, lubricate moving parts, and clean condenser coils to ensure that the air conditioning system is in working order. 

3. Spruce up Your Home’s Exterior

Check the exterior of your home for any signs of mildew or rot before it spreads and tackle any repairs that are needed. Take a look at the weather stripping on doors and windows and make sure the gaskets are in good condition.

Check the paint on any walls that may need a fresh coat, as well as stains and trim. Keep your doors and windows clean with a mild household cleaner and a soft cloth, and check the thresholds for water damage and cracking. Clean out the gutters and check for cracked, clogged, or missing downspouts.

4. Check Your Pipes for Any Repairs

Summer is the perfect time to inspect pipes and fixtures for any signs of fatigue or damage that may have occurred during the winter. Be sure to check for any chips in the pipes, as well as any signs of corrosion or wear, as these will require repairs before the cold winter months begin.

Make sure to have cast iron pipe replacement done if there are damages. Homeowners should also ensure that the pipes are properly insulated and clear of any debris or other obstructions. 

5. Replace or Fix up Exterior Doors

Check to see if the screws that attach the hinges to the door frame and door jamb are still in place, and whether they are tight or are beginning to loosen. If the door jamb is damaged, split, or out of alignment, it may be necessary to replace it altogether.

Evaluate the weather seal of the door, looking for signs of wear or deterioration. If you find that either the weather seal or hardware needs to be replaced, this would be a good time to do so in order to prevent further damage to the door. 

Improve Your House With These Home Maintenance Tips

Now that you know the basic home maintenance tasks to tackle during the summer months, it’s time to get started. Don’t delay in taking care of some of these tasks as they are essential in keeping your home in great shape.

If you need some additional direction, contact a professional for help!

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