5 Home Improvement Projects to Undertake Before Selling Your House

The extreme weather conditions in land-locked cities of the U.S. pose a higher risk of property damage, necessitating frequent home improvement projects. Enclosed states like Indiana, especially Fishers City, are becoming more susceptible to increased moisture in homes alongside potential mold growth and high humidity. Such issues call for frequent home refurbishment. So, if you spot decaying wood, rusting pipes, or peeling wallpaper, your house needs extensive renovation, especially if you plan to sell it. 

Research from the remodeling industry concludes that remodeling your house can yield significantly high ROIs. Wood decks, a window replacement, and kitchen and bathroom upgrades generate maximum ROIs. So, if you want to sell your house, a remodeled house will give you an edge in the negotiation process and bolster the market value of your house. So, let’s dive in and discover how to elevate your home’s value before listing it for sale.

Upgrade Your Bathroom

Before investing in bathroom remodeling, your first consideration should be the weather conditions. Suppose you live in a city like Fishers, Indiana, with extreme weather conditions. Hot summers can be a favorable environment for mold and mildew growth in bathroom fixtures, especially shower heads and sink taps. Such issues might not attract potential buyers to your house. If you’re selling your house in Fishers, a city witnessing an increase in house prices with a 4.8% upward trend year-over-year, you most likely want to capitalize on such market conditions. But upgrading your bathroom is essential to strike a lucrative deal, and for this, you need to search for bathroom remodeling companies. To find a reliable bathroom remodeling company in your area, look up bathroom remodeling in Fishers near me and get your bathroom remodeled professionally. 

When remodeling a bathroom, consider the current trend to transform this space into a stylish yet practical oasis. Start with mid-bathroom updates: new countertops, new tiling, frameless glass, new fixtures and cabinets, and walk-in tubs and showers. If your bathroom has tiles, stick to the material. However, if they are outdated or chipped, they should be replaced. But, if they are blemish-free and need a quick replacement, remove the grout and resurface the material. 

When replacing the essentials, consider replacing the toilet. Modern toilets are energy-efficient and offer water-conserving components. Add a bidet and keep it proportional to match the rest of your bathroom updates.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint 

A fresh coat of paint is one of the best budget-friendly ways to enhance your house’s market value. It gives an instant fresh look, revitalizing the older space, covering marks or stains, and giving a refreshing feel to the house. Fresh paint can make the buyers feel they’re touring a new house rather than a timeworn one. 

But before you start painting, if your bathroom is covered in old wallpaper, use a steamer to peel it off. Focus on the color scheme since it impacts the overall look. Neutral beige, white, and creamy colors are proven best to maintain the style of the house, which matches the existing interior of the house. 

Also, buy low-odor, quick-drying paint to save time and prevent the bad stench from lingering in the rooms.

 Enhance the Curb Appeal of Your House 

The first impression is crucial, and enhancing your home’s curb appeal is an excellent way to captivate potential buyers. It is easy to wow your potential buyer with minimal effort. Think beyond making the front yard neat. You can start by planting fresh plants, reseeding the bare patches, and adding vibrant flowers to the garden beds. Trim anything overgrown and dead. Adding newly-planted shrubs and perennials will make the house look more inviting and welcoming. 

But to keep it economical, you can also become a mini gardener by purchasing grass seed, following planting directions, and watering and mowing it frequently. Moreover, you can also purchase a few colorful pots and add them near the front door. If you enjoy sitting outdoors, you can install a charming gazebo or a relaxing swing near the plants. This addition will surely impress various buyers.

Upgrade the Flooring 

Replacing the flooring is an investment that most homeowners make to get a substantial return. For example, if your house is valued at $500,000, it could enhance the house’s value by $15,000 to $25,000 through the installation of hardwood floorsIf you have different flooring in every room, it is time to get identical flooring to create a seamless feel throughout the house. You can update to ordinary or faux wood floors, but they can be expensive

So, if that’s out of the question, consider carpeting your floors or getting your hardwoods cleaned by professionals. If the hardwood floors are stained or discolored, you can always clean them with a commercial wood-cleaning product. Don’t forget the charm of soft, fluffy rugs when needed. 

  1.  Improve Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient features attract environmentally conscious buyers and offer long-term cost savings. Upgrade insulation, replace old windows with energy-efficient ones, install programmable thermostats, and consider adding solar panels. You can also install energy-conserving light fixtures by upgrading to LED lightbulbs, dimmers, and timers to positively impact your energy use. These improvements enhance your home’s value and appeal to eco-minded buyers.


Before you jump on the ‘repair and improve’ bandwagon, consider if you are prioritizing your home’s basic needs rather than making redundant changes. Focus on making cosmetic changes that enhance the curb appeal and dial down the bold choices. 

In the end, buyers have certain expectations and look forward to purchasing a well-maintained and livable house. Remember to focus on functionality, aesthetics, and energy efficiency. If remodeling, you must devote your resources to changes that maximize your house’s resale value. For major home repairs, sellers should research the market selling value in the neighborhood and contact an experienced real estate agent before investing their huge bucks in major home improvement projects. In most cases, bathroom remodeling offers a significant return on investment. So, consider bathroom upgrades and only approach reliable contractors in your region to tackle this project.


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