5 Effective Landscape Ideas for Ranch Homes

Ranch homes are versatile and can be placed in different suburban environments. But what types of landscape designs are best for ranch houses?

A little creativity expands the functionality of your home’s gated backyard. Another use for this open space is transforming it into an enjoyable space to relax outside or entertain friends.

Read on for the types of landscape ideas for ranch homes.

1. Maximizing Your Lot’s Size and Layout

Ranch homes often have small lots, so maximizing the lot size and landscape design is essential in creating a successful landscape design. You can create an inviting outdoor living space by using creative plant placement and hardscape installation.

Incorporate evergreens to add texture and color. Instead of planting trees, you can install smaller sections of fencing, trellises, or poles to create vertical elements.

2. Planting for Privacy and Shade

Ranch homes benefit from landscaping that provides both privacy and shade. Planting for privacy is important to maintain a spacious feel when one is living in close proximity to others. For this purpose, tall, full trees such as evergreens can be a great choice.

To add shade to the outdoor area, large deciduous trees, such as oaks, can be planted in a staggered fashion so as to maximize the shade and protection it provides.

3. Refreshing Exterior Spaces With Colorful Accents

Creating an effective landscape design for ranch home ideas involves mixing various styles of colors, shapes, and textures. For instance, refreshing the exterior space with colorful accents such as bright flowering plants or decorative stones can really spice up the landscape.

For example, using a variety of plants that are tolerant of sun and heat, such as petunias or creeping phlox, can provide color and texture. Incorporating trees or shrubs of varying sizes and shapes can add depth and dimension to making a beautiful yard.

4. Low Maintenance and Water-Wise Solutions

Low maintenance and waterwise solutions work great for ranch homes to provide a beautiful yet water-efficient landscape. Ideas for effective landscaping for ranch homes include incorporating drought-tolerant plants, including native species, and group planting for more efficient watering.

This can be an attractive way to add visual interest to a ranch home’s outdoor space with limited time or budget. Rocks and mulch can also be used in place of grass in some places, saving water.

Incorporating brick edging for flowerbeds and paths adds dimension and structure to the landscape but also helps contain irrigation and prevent water loss.

5. Utilize Fresh Lawn Stripes

When it comes to effective landscaping ideas for ranch homes, utilizing fresh lawn stripes can create stunning visual effects. By mowing the lawn in alternating directions, your lawn will be given multiple “swaths” that produce pleasing stripes across its surface.

This is an effective way to draw the eye and bring out the features of your home. Landscapers recommend that these stripes be created in undulating waves, rather than being straight, for a more aesthetically pleasing look and feel.

Adding different colors of turf or combining a light and dark variety of grass can create further visual appeal. Trees can be planted in between the stripes of grass, further breaking up the land and making it interesting.

Learn All About Landscape Ideas for Ranch Homes

Using effective landscape ideas for ranch homes can help you create a unique and stunning look that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

Your family can enjoy time outdoors surrounded by beautiful landscaping. Get started today and begin creating your own one-of-a-kind outdoor oasis.

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