5 Cool Ideas for a Kids Birthday Party

If the time is fast approaching for your child’s birthday and you are looking for something out of the ordinary regarding a party celebration, then you’ve come to the right place, as we present a few cool ideas to celebrate your son’s or daughter’s birthday.

  1. Theme the party – You can create the best kids birthday party Sydney has ever seen if you contact the right venue; a company that specialises in adventure programs for kids of all ages. Examples include a slime party (yes, really), a gaming party and even a soccer party; they have indoor and outdoor facilities and always have a plan B if it rains. There is one well-known gym that focuses on extracurricular activities for children of all ages, with exciting summer sports programs.
  2. Book seats at a cinema – The latest generation of movie theatres incorporate widescreen, surround sound and even 3D; the package would include refreshments at the interval and there are fun things like a kiddy Instagram corner and a place with amusement machines. Search online to see the list of films playing and see if there is one that fits the bill. 
  3. Paintball party – Contact one of the many paintball venues and they would be happy to arrange a competition for your group. Of course, everyone wears protective gear and the shots can sting a little, but other than that, paintballing is pretty safe and heaps of fun! Divide the kids into two groups and the facilitators at the venue explains the rules and acts as referee, plus there are additional fun things to do at such a venue. Here are a few tips on choosing clothing for kids.
  4. Hire a local magician – If you host the party, you can hire a magician to unexpectedly arrive and wow the kids with amazing magic! Google ‘children’s magicians near me’ and you might get lucky. You could rent a bouncy castle if the garden is big enough and ask a few vendors to turn up and you can settle up after the event. A trampoline would work and maybe arrange a treasure hunt; all kids love searching for treasure.
  5. Teenagers quiz party – Why not spend some time surfing the web to create an awesome general knowledge quiz? Divide the guests into two teams and have each team sitting apart; explain the rules and announce a range of prizes for winning answers. There are education groups that will arrange everything and they can even provide a venue, should you need one. They also run magical mystery tours and might have a children’s program.


Birthdays are no big deal for adults, yet they are special moments to be treasured by children and we hope some of our ideas strike a chord and you organise a fantastic party that all the kids will never forget. Sports parties are very popular and if your son or daughter has a favourite sport, factor this into the party.


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