3 Best SEO Companies for Personal Injury Lawyers in Chicago

Looking to grow your practice as a budding personal injury attorney in Chicago? Apart from spreading the word, you’ll need to step your game up and invest in marketing. No business can succeed without marketing these days, and digital marketing specifically, so don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re the exception. The sooner you start investing, the sooner you’ll get great results.

Let’s narrow this down a bit. What personal injury lawyers in Chicago need specifically, in terms of digital marketing, is search engine optimization. To be even more precise, they need to find a great search engine optimization company in Chicago that can do wonders for their visibility and their brand in general, and we are going to list the top 3 to check out below.

Chicago SEO Scholar

Starting with the firm that is rightfully deemed to be the best of the best, let’s check out Chicago SEO Scholar first. A quick visit to their official website will be quite telling and provide you with a lot of important information you will absolutely need so as to get familiar with the company and decide if it is right for you. What will you learn?

For one thing, you’ll find out that this firm specializes in SEO for lawyers, which will automatically make it more appealing to you, since the point is in finding those professionals that are experienced with legal firms, and not simply those that know SEO. The pool of search engine optimization firms is rather large, so it is no wonder that they have started narrowing down their scopes of work and thus specializing in certain areas.

While a great company like Chicago SEO Scholar will be able to work with other industries as well, personal injury lawyers are their main focus, and that is clearly a good thing for you. Therefore, whatever you do when choosing your firm, make sure to choose one that has extensive experience with your line of work, as that’s how you’ll get the perfect results from the search engine optimization strategy you’ll employ. Also, the results that this particular company can provide you with are certainly amazing.

Chicago SEO Scholar 

55 E Monroe St Suite 3800 Chicago, IL 60603 

(312) 529-8226 


The professionals at this company will uncover the high-traffic and high-converting keywords in your industry, as well as create all the relevant content that you need so as to increase your ranking. They won’t neglect on-page and technical SEO either, and if you haven’t even developed your website yet, they are perfect for you. Furthermore, they’ll provide you with great quality backlinks that will further improve your ranking, and their local search engine optimization knowledge in general will be a great asset in your growth process.

This is what local SEO is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Local_search_engine_optimisation

All of the above makes one thing perfectly clear. With Chicago SEO Scholar, you’ll get an all-rounded service and you’ll work with professionals that will guide you toward success from start to finish. From website development to creating the perfect on-page and off-page optimization strategies, these experts will do it all for you. It is no wonder, thus, that they are rated as the number one company to do search engine optimization for personal injury lawyers.

Comrade Digital Marketing Agency

Continuing along the same lines, let us check out another firm that could be great for your SEO endeavors. Specializing in web development, SEO and PPC, this firm will also provide you with well-rounded services. Serving lawyers, as well as some other professionals, such as manufacturing and healthcare businesses, this particular firm has decided to specialize not in one industry, but in a few of those. Still, they have specialized and narrowed down their scope of work, meaning you are highly likely to get great services from them, given that they have a clear focus and industry relevant experience, instead of being one of those firms that are trying to serve everyone.

Hiring the Comrade Digital Marketing Agency, or the one I mentioned above, or pretty much any agency that can provide you with search engine optimization, automatically means you’ll get the value of a whole team for a fair price. Thus, instead of hiring an entire in-house team that would be on your payroll, you can avoid such a costly endeavor and get all the services you need by simply relying on one of these amazing companies. Naturally, taking your time to choose the right firm is a must, and so is knowing what to check in the process.

Checking ratings and customer reviews is a must, and the Comrade Digital Marketing Agency certainly shines there. The reviews you’ll find written about them will mostly be positive, which shows that their past clients have been rather happy with the received services, and that is a highly important piece of information.

If you’re looking to grow a successful business, which you can read more about if you click this, relying on such a well-rated and well-reviewed company is a great idea, which is precisely why this firm has made it to our list.

Epidemic Marketing

Another great firm has made it to this list, called Epidemic Marketing. Focusing on personal injury lawyers specifically, they are highly likely to provide you with extremely valuable services and succeed in growing your practice perfectly. Through a 30-minute meeting that they offer, these professionals will work towards understanding the current marketing performance of your business and thus identify those areas that need improvements, which will help them develop the right strategies more easily.

If your current marketing performance is non-existent, though, given that you haven’t invested in any strategies by now, that’s no reason for concern. Working with the right professionals, such as those you’ll meet at Epidemic Marketing, you’ll get to form a strategy from scratch.

Meaning, regardless of the stage at which you are with your legal practice, you’ll benefit from hiring such a good company, as they will set you on the path towards success from the start. Plus, if you’re not sure your current strategies work well, these experts will review them for you and improve upon them.


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