10 Gifts For A Naughty Partner

Characters differ, and the gifts that will appeal to different kinds of personalities are not the same. A gift a calm and gentle person will appreciate is not the same as one that a naughty person will value.

If you have a naughty partner but don’t know the kind of gift to get for them, this article is for you. This post will list ten gifts you can get for your lover if they are naughty.

Let’s dive in!

Bedroom activity memory game

A naughty bedroom activity game is one of the best gifts that your naughty partner will love. This couple’s game helps lovers bond and boosts their romantic connection. The naughty pictures on this game’s card will excite your partner and put them in a romantic mood, ready for foreplay and intimate romantic moments.

Penis sleeve

Sometimes, regular gifts do not interest naughty people. A penis sleeve is a perfect gift for a naughty and kinky partner. Check here for quality and durable penis sleeves you can get for your naughty partner which both of you will enjoy.

Shower quickie

Yes, a quickie while showering is also a gift if you make it unplanned. If you plan to do it at night, you can send a naughty message to your partner during the day to increase their anticipation.

 Air-pulse clitoris stimulator

Air-pulse clitoris stimulator is an ideal gift for your naughty partner, especially if you are not always around. This clitoris stimulator uses wave technology to stimulate the clitoris. Your partner will always feel it’s you giving them oral sex whenever they use this adult toy to get pleasure.

Sexting balm

Sexting balm is an oil that contains natural almond oil and coconut oil. It boosts clitoral stimulation by increasing blood flow to the clitoris. Your naughty partner will know you look out for their satisfaction if you give them this balm as a gift. 


A strap-on is a perfect gift for a naughty partner because it allows them to use unconventional ways of penetration (dildo instead of penis) during bedroom activities. Giving your naughty partner a strap-on as a gift will increase their anticipation towards your next lovemaking session. 

Wedge pillow

Wedge pillows are adult accessories that allow you to get the best angle for various lovemaking positions. If you have a naughty partner and you want to improve your lovemaking positions and skills, get a wedge pillow as a gift for them.

Leather blindfold

A leather blindfold gift to your naughty partner will make them look forward to the intimate sessions you regularly have. Offer to tie the blindfold on their eyes whenever you want to use it to spice things up.

A sensual massage

Like a shower quickie, a full-body massage in your bedroom on an evening can serve as a gift to a naughty partner. You can give them the massage as a gift on their birthday and end it with an exciting and thrilling lovemaking session so they will appreciate it more.

Couple’s vibrator

Naughty people love to get adult toys like vibrators as a gift. A couple’s vibrator can stimulate you and your partner once during bedroom activities. Instead of getting a regular vibrator for them as a gift, you can get a couple’s vibrator to use together. 

Final Thoughts

Giving your naughty partner any of these things mentioned above as a gift will make them cherish you more. You can get a gift for them on their birthdays or an occasion that means a lot to them to make it more appealing.


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