Here are the answers to a few questions that I am frequently asked….

When will I write the next book in my unfinished series?

My Moonstone Saga, Paradise Diaries and Cougar Chronicles are all unfinished. I do have future books planned for these series and I will work them into my writing schedule at my soonest opportunity. I am extremely thankful for your patience.

Where am I going next for a signing?

Upcoming appearances:

Authors in the City, Orlando, Florida– March 12, 2016

What is the reading order for the Beautifully Broken Series?

  • Book one:  IF YOU STAY
  • Book two:  IF YOU LEAVE
  • Book 2.5 (Novella):  UNTIL WE BURN
  • Book 3:  BEFORE WE FALL
  • Book 4: UNTIL WE FLY

What is the reading order for the Nocte Trilogy?

  • Book one:  NOCTE
  • Book two  VERUM
  • Book 2.5 (novella):  INITIUM
  • Book 3: LUX

How do you pronounce NOCTE?

Nocte is pronounced, KNOCK-TAY.  It’s Latin.

“I’ve written a book. Can you take a look at it?”

Congratulations on your book! Writing a book is a huge achievement! I wish I could take a look and offer you my notes/input, but my schedule is crazy hectic. I barely have time to shower or eat sometimes. You should most definitely join an online writing group or even a local one close to you, if you can find one. Having the input of someone other than yourself is important in the process of writing a good story. I do wish you the very best.

“Who did you base Pax Tate on in IF YOU STAY?”

I based quite a lot of Pax’s personality on someone close to me, someone who struggled with drug use. I will probably never name him, because he asked me not to. If he ever changes his mind, I’ll let you know.

“How many books will be in the Beautifully Broken series?”

There are four full length novels and one novella.  The reading order is above.

I can’t say with certainty that I’ll never write another Beautifully Broken book, but for now, this is it.

“Are you going to write a book for Dominic’s brother, Sin?”

Yes!  Actually, Sin is such an interesting character that he’s going to get a whole series based on him!  The first book is scheduled to release this spring.  Sign up for my newsletter to receive details as they become more concrete.

What is New Adult fiction?

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding this question, probably because NA is pretty new to the market. But honestly, it’s pretty simple. New Adult fiction is simply a category that features characters in their 20-somethings. Usually these characters are struggling with issues that life as a new adult throws at them. They might still be dealing with ‘growing up’ issues, or issues stemming from their childhood, etc. NA fiction can be graphic and explicit.

“I’m a blogger hosting a giveaway. Can you donate something?”

I wish I could donate to every cause that I’m approached with, but that would add up to a trillion dollars for me. 🙂 I do have a small stock of giveaway items, and my publicist handles their distribution for me. Please contact pr@courtneycolewrites.com and we’ll see if we can help.