The Launch of my Newsletter: Sign Up Now

Hey guys,

So, as most of you have noticed, the reach on Facebook has drastically decreased over this past year.   Even though I have a lot of ‘Likes” and “friends”, only a fraction of them (You) see what I post.

Soooooooo, I’ve finally bit the bullet and I’m going to do a newsletter.  I started the process a long time ago, but never actually did it, because let’s face it, when it comes to doing anything other than writing, I don’t usually want to do it.  Lol.

BUT, I mean it this time.  I’m doing a newsletter.  I promise, I won’t flood your inboxes every other day.  I’ll only do one when I have something to announce or something cool to share.  (Because again, when it comes to doing anything other than writing, I’m a bit reticent about it.  Read that as:  Lazy).

Readers who subscribe to my newsletter will hear announcements first, and will be eligible for special giveaways exclusive to the newsletter.    The first edition will go out MONDAY, August 25th, so sign up before then if you want to be in on it from the beginning.

Go to the CONTACT PAGE on my website, scroll down on the right hand side, and you’ll see where you can sign up.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!

The Minaldi Legacy: Cover reveal!

Hey guys,

So, awhile back, I took a poll on what you wanted to see from me next.  Confessions of an Alli Cat and Of Blood and Bone finished up very close to each other.  So, I chose the sequel to Of Blood and Bone to write next because I had ended book one on sort of a cliffhanger.

In January, I’ll be releasing book two in the Minaldi Legacy, Of Darkness and Demons.  BUT, I’m going to do it in a special way.  I’m going to release it in a two-part book, with part one (Of Blood and Bone) included, for those readers who haven’t read it yet.   It will be a special price for a limited time after release– so you’ll get two books for the price of one.  Woohooo!  I’m super excited about it.

But anyway, today I’m here to unveil the cover for The Minaldi Legacy.

Sexy blonde lady sitting alone in the dungeon

I love LOVE the cover.  I think it’s perfect for the book.  It looks like the tunnels that run beneath Luca’s home, Chessarae.

And I’m SUPER EXCITED to release part two of this story.  I LOVE Luca.  LOVE him.

Okay.  I hope you love this cover as much as I do– and I hope you’re just as excited as I am about the conclusion of Luca and Eva’s story.  I can’t wait to share it with you!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Help me decide what to write! (Pretty-please :)

Hey guys!  Happy Monday!

Okay, so I’m sitting here in my office, trying to shuffle around my writing schedule for the year.  I’ve turned book three of the Beautifully Broken series in to my editor and now…. my schedule needs some attention.  I could use YOUR help in deciding what to write this year. I’d like to know what YOU want to read!  :)

I have a couple of brand new story ideas floating around in my head, so hopefully those will gt written sometime this year. But in addition to those, I’m thinking that Brand (from the Beautifully Broken series) needs his own book.   If I wrote Brand’s story, would you want to read it?

And…. I’m trying to decide which sequel to fit into my schedule first.  Can you tell me which you’d most like to read?


Thank you VERY much for your help. I wish I had more hours in the day so that I could write every story in my head, but until that happens, I really am interested in what you would most like to see from me.  :)

Thank you for voting and have a fabulous Monday!

My Street-Team: Club Underground

Hey guys,

So, an awesome reader, Courtney DeLollis, is setting up a street team for me…called Club Underground.  The name comes from a fictional bar in my Beautifully Broken series.

Club Underground

If you aren’t familiar with the term street-team, it’s just a group of readers/bloggers/fans who get together and help promote an author, by spreading buzz and helping to share news.  It’s a group on Facebook– and inside the group, you can joke around, chat, get information about me and my work ahead of the rest of the world– and you’ll be able to chat with me one-on-one.

If you’re interested in joining Club Underground, just contact Courtney DeLollis at:    Or you can friend her on FB and get the skinny.  OR you can look up Club Underground on Facebook and request to join.

It’s going to be a lot of fun– so I hope to see you there!  (Come join the party!!)




It’s Finally Time! Excerpt One from IF YOU LEAVE

You guys.  I woke up this morning and realized that IF YOU LEAVE  (Book 2 in the Beautifully Broken series) releases in less than a month!  OMGOSH!

Do you know what that means?  It’s time to start releasing excerpts.  I’ll be doing one a week up until IF YOU LEAVE releases on August 6th.   For next week’s, you’ll see the excerpt on RT, but I’ll post the link here.  :)    I’ll also be doing a bunch of fun contests with a bunch of awesome prizes, too… but the details for those will come next week.

IYL, Final

26-year old Gabriel Vincent is a badass hero. Or he used to be, anyway. As an ex-Army Ranger, Gabe never thought he needed anyone. But after one horrible night in Afghanistan scars him in a way that he can’t get past, he needs someone who can help him heal…even if he doesn’t realize it.

25-year old Madison Hill doesn’t need anybody…or so she thinks. She grew up watching her parents’ messed-up abusive relationship and she knows there’s no way in hell that she’s ever letting that happen to her.

They don’t know it in the beginning, but Gabriel and Madison will soon develop a weakness: Each other.

But Gabriel’s got a secret, a hidden monster that he’s afraid Maddy could never overcome… And Maddy’s got issues that she’s afraid Gabe will never understand. They quickly realize that they need each other to be whole, but at the same time they know that they’ve got demons to fight.

And the problem with demons is that they never die quietly…


-And now… EXCERPT ONE, from Gabriel’s Point of View:

“To answer your question, I’m here at the club because my little sister thought I should come out and meet someone.  To quote her, I’m ‘getting mean as hell and need a piece of ass.’”

Madison laughs, a low and husky sound.

“Do you?  Need a piece of ass?”

She sounds anxious. And interested.

I hold her gaze.

“More than you can imagine.”

I slide my hands from her back down to her ass, cupping it, squeezing it.

“And I like yours,” I add.  I’m being cocky again, but she seems to like it.

She practically purrs as she leans into me even closer, her nose almost touching mine. Her lips hover so close that I can feel them.

She slides her hands down to my ass, gripping it in her fingers.

“Yours will do.”

The air hangs heavy between us, charged and electric.  Our eyes are locked and we each pause, waiting for the other to make a move.

The anticipation is killing me.

I take a breath.

Then she takes one.

Her lips graze mine and her mouth smells like mint.  And then before I can think another agonizing thought, she covers my mouth with her own.



I know… it’s short.  I’m a tease.  Lol.   I seriously cannot wait to release Maddy and Gabriel into the world… and now the countdown begins!  Eeepp!   Also, if you’d like to pre-order IF YOU LEAVE, you can find it HERE on Amazon– then it will be waiting for you on your Kindle on release day.    If you have a Nook, you can pre-order it HERE on B&N.

I hope you have a fabulous Friday!