I write books.  I’ve always had a huge imagination, and so writing books just seemed like the logical job for me.  I love LOVE, so Romance is the perfect genre for me.  I love  Happily Ever Afters in my books, but I also love a good rocky journey to get there.  A difficult journey makes the destination worth it.  :)

Random fun facts about me:

  1. I collect dashboard hula-girls.
  2. I like to have my car stereo volume set at an even number.
  3. I can barely remember my natural hair color.
  4. I am terrified of buoys and birds.
  5. I love cemetery angels. Is that weird?


I grew up in rural Kansas, so yes, I am a corn-fed Kansas girl.  My husband calls me his “Sunflower” because that sounds so much better.  (You can see references of that in Dante’s Girl– Dante calls Reece his Sunflower.  Awww!)   I live in Florida now, with my real-life circus.  I have my own Prince Charming, two sons, one daughter, two cats, Nyx and Ninja, and our old grandpa dog, Milo.

M. Leighton, Fisher Amelie and me at the Decatur Book Festival, September 2012

Me and M. Leighton, September 2012

Michelle Muto, Amy Maurer Jones and me, September 2012

Laura Elliott, Georgia Cates, me, Amy Bartol, M. Leighton and Fisher Amelie, September 2012

Me and Fisher Amelie in February 2012 (when my hair was still long!) after an 18-hour long day. We were practically zombies.