Do you know this man?

Okay.   So, I’ve been working on my newest book, Of Blood and Bone, for months.

And months ago, while I was on Facebook, someone posted a picture of a gorgeous man, titled as Monday Man-Candy or something like that.  But there was no name attached to him.  Well…. he was perfect for Luca, the main character of my story.  So I saved the pic and attached it to my Of Blood and Bone storyboard.

But now I’m dying to know what his name is.  I need to credit him later when I say that this is my Luca.  🙂

Do any of you know who he is??    I will give a signed ARC of Of Blood and Bone to the first person who gives me a correct name.   (I don’t have the print versions in my possession yet, but when I do, you’ll be the first to get one).

I hope you’re having a great Wednesday!


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