Official Release Day is Here: Dante’s Girl

Okay.  Some of you might be aware that Dante’s Girl went live on Amazon yesterday afternoon– a day earlier than it was supposed to.  But oh well.  Today is the official release date.

Dante’s Girl (book one of the Paradise Diaries) is available on Amazon here.   It is available on Barnes and Noble here.

I will be giving away a handful of signed print copies of Dante’s Girl today as well as gifted kindle copies and some signed cover glossies.    To win, all you need to do is tweet this:

Want a cute romantic summer read?  You need to read Dante’s Girl by @courtwritesYA  Prepare to swoon!

Every time you tweet it, you get an entry.

I really, really, really, really, REALLY hope you like Dante’s Girl.  It’s different from my other work, but I think it’s an adorable summer read.  That’s what I was going for anyway.  I really hope I nailed it.   And, Dante is Alex Pettyfer in my head.  So, there’s that.  You can’t go wrong with Alex Pettyfer.

I hope you all have an amazing Sunday!!

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3 thoughts on “Official Release Day is Here: Dante’s Girl

  1. Hi Mrs. Cole,
    I was just wondering- what is the deadline of this contest? Dante’s Girl is an excellent and beautiful novel, by the way!
    Thanks! <3