Interview with Dante Giliberti from Dante’s Girl

So, have I told you all that Dante Giliberti from Dante’s Girl, looks freakishly like Alex Pettyfer?  Yeah, he does.

Like this, just a teench blonder though.

And I’m happy to have Dante here today for an interview.   So excited!!   *fans myself in my head because he’s so gorgeous*

Me: Hi Dante.  I’m so happy to have you here. Thank you!

Dante:  Anytime.  Anything for you.   (Okay.  He didn’t actually say that second thing.  That was in my head).

Me:  Can you tell me what you thought the first time you saw Reece?

Dante:  Well, obviously my first thought was that she was beautiful. And American.  But then I spoke with her and there was something about her. Something funny and honest.  It was captivating.

Me:  What is your favorite thing about living in America?

Dante:  It might be chili cheese dogs.

Me:  Chili Dogs?  Not the Statue of Liberty or White House or Grand Canyon or Mount Rushmore?

Dante:  *shakes head*  I’m pretty sure it’s chili dogs. *smiles*

Me:  Ok-ay.  I read in your book where you hope that being around Reece would rub off on you, in terms of speaking your mind more often or more easily.  Have you found that to be true?

Dante:  Absolutely.   My culture is very different from the free-speaking culture in America.  Going to school here is an experience.  I’ve learned a lot.

Me:  Like how to eat a chili cheese dog?  *raises eyebrow*

Dante:  *Laughs* Among other things.

Me:  So, you had a couple of near-miss accidents.  What did you take away from them?

Dante: I literally saw my life flash in front of my eyes when my father’s yacht exploded.  In that moment, I saw what was important in life.  Or I guess I should say who.   My take away from those two experiences is that people are the important things in life.  Everything else is secondary.

Me:  *Nods*  I agree.   Have your father and Elena fully recovered from the explosion?

Dante:   Yes.  My father was very fortunate and escaped with minor burns and bruises.  Elena had a rather nasty burn on her cheek.  But the last I heard, she was visiting a plastic surgeon to have it repaired.

Me:  The last you heard?  So you don’t talk to Elena much?

Dante:  *shakes head*  Not so much.

Me:  Ok.  Next question.  And it’s important.   Which do you prefer, chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

Dante:  Neither.  I still prefer gelato.  Your American ways haven’t completely rubbed off on me.  *Laughs*

Me: Then you’ve clearly not had cake batter ice cream yet.  But I digress.  Okay.  So.  Your plan was to possibly attend  college here in the States next year.  Is that still the plan?

Dante:  I think so.  That’s how it is looking, anyway.

Me:  And then will you be returning to Caberra?

Dante:  Most likely.  By that point, I’ll be ready to return to Giliberti House and the family business.

Me:  And Reece?

Dante:  Well, I can’t speak for her, but I know she likes Caberra.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes back with me.  *Smiles knowingly*

Me:  There’s more there than you’re willing to discuss, I think.

Dante:  Possibly.   *Smiles again*

Me:  Well, I guess we’ll just wait patiently to find out more on that topic.   Thank you so much for being here today, Dante.  I really appreciate it and I know my readers do too.

Dante:  It was a pleasure.  Please tell your readers that I hope they enjoy my story.  *Smiles a devastating grin*

Me:  *breathless*  You just did.

* * *

Dante’s Girl is now available on Kindle and Nook.

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5 thoughts on “Interview with Dante Giliberti from Dante’s Girl

  1. Thats so. Friggin. Cute. Omg <3
    So will the next book be focused on the Reece and Dante again? Please say yeshh. Please.

  2. Oh I just fell in love with Dante a little more lol. He just so swoon worthy. I know the next book is about Mia and Quinn and I definitely look forward to it, but I do hope we get some Dante as well. Great pic of Alex btw but then again he looks great all the time lol.