Dream Cast for Dante’s Girl

Okay.   So, since Dante’s Girl is coming out sooooooon.  Did I mention, SOOOON?  Did I mention SUNDAY, JUNE 24th??    I thought I would share my dream cast with you.

First, Dante.  In my head, from the very beginning, Dante has looked like this picture of Alex Pettifer (I am Number Four, Magic Mike).  Only Dante is just a teench blonder.

Reece.  Reece is very similar to Indiana Evans, known for her role in Blue Lagoon, The Awakening.  But I also have pictures of Britt Robertson on my storyboard as well.  (Second picture, below).  Which do you think match Reece more?

Mia.  Mia looks very similar to this picture of Sneha Ullal.  Only, of course, Mia usually puts colored stripes in her hair.

And Quinn.  This  is important because you’ll want to know what Quinn looks like for Book Two.  I’m not sure what this actor’s name is… there was no name on this pic.  But Quinn looks like this in my head:

So, there you have it.  This is what I see in my head when I write about the characters in The Paradise Diaries.   What do you think?

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8 thoughts on “Dream Cast for Dante’s Girl

  1. Alex Pettyfer is a great choice. He just has that all around gorgeous looks. So hott lol. For Reece I am picturing Britt Robertson. To me she has that country look, which is perfect since Reece grew up on a farm. I am dying to read this book and meet the characters.

  2. I’ve only read your Chapter 1 post… but even reading that I get a clear picture of Britt Robertson as I read. She just seems to fit the midwestern girl better to me I guess… And I’ve been tweeting, only twice lol! Dante’s Girl is definately going on TBR List!